6 Crows Meaning: Omens, Symbols, Myths and Legends

Have you ever walked outside your door to find six crows staring back at you? The sudden appearance of a half dozen crows tends to give most people pause. We often associate large gatherings of crows with concepts like death, darkness, trickery, or ominous warnings of impending danger. But is that fair? What messages might a murder of six crows truly intend to convey?

Seeing six crows carries varied symbolic meanings across cultures, most frequently tied to concepts of transformation, destiny, protection from deception, and the mystical power of ending old phases to enter new ones. Ancient myth and lore regard crows as otherworldly messengers between physical and spiritual realms who guide us through life’s transitions. Their presence marks the perfect time to shed limiting beliefs, behaviors or situations that no longer serve your highest good.

This article will explore the extensive symbolic meaning behind Six Crows by addressing:

  • Common interpretations and omens around groups of six crows
  • Explanations of why crows link to concepts like death and tricksters
  • Crow myths and legends portraying their spiritual wisdom
  • Steps to decode messages from crows and apply their guidance

Gaining a fuller appreciation for crows’ profound role as protectors and ushers of change can help transform sightings of six into blessings rather than frights.

Decoding the Omens and Messages of Six Crows

Imagine looking out your window early one morning to see six crows lined up on a power line, cawing loudly with relentless persistence. You rub your eyes in disbelief wondering what these six feathery messengers could be trying to tell you! What might see a half dozen crows signal?

Common Symbolic Meanings of Six Crows

  • Death, Endings, and Transitions – Crows frequently serve as an omen symbolizing the death or ending of one phase and transition into a new beginning. Seeing six crows declares a powerful shift getting ready to emerge in your life.
  • Trickery and Deception – Many myths portray crows as cunning tricksters not to be trusted. If six crows appear, be wary of deceit and lies swirling around you or people attempting to manipulate a situation to their benefit.
  • Protection and Future Insight – Crows also act as protective guides. Spotting six crows means trouble lies ahead you cannot yet see, but the crows’ wisdom can reveal deception before it succeeds in misleading you. Their appearance gifts you foresight and discernment.
  • Creation Through Destruction – As harbingers of change, six crows signal it is time to consciously destroy attitudes, beliefs, or situations preventing future growth to rebirth a new phase aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Rather than automatically assuming a flock of crows symbolizes something ominous, consider asking them to divulge their messages. Doing so can unveil incredibly timely guidance. Be open to potentially positive underlying meaning around transitioning into the next chapter of your destiny!

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Why Groups of Crows Link to Death and Darkness

Before rushing to demonize crows as bringers of doom and darkness, consider the source of associations between crows and concepts like death, deception, and the underworld.

Physical Appearance Connects Crows to Death

Crows’ dark black feathers intuitively link them to darkness, nighttime, and misunderstanding. Their eerie caws seem distinctly familiar when heard echoing as a pack. Crows also opportunistically swarm sites of decay and death to feed on carrion and carcasses, aligning them with grievous loss in people’s minds.

Seeing six of these scavenging scavengers gathered together might automatically trigger grief and perceive them as harbingers of hardship or harm.

Crow’s Mythological Roles as Spirit Guides and Protectors

However, numerous myths portray crows as playing a pivotal part in safely guiding souls’ journeys into non-physical realms beyond living human understanding.

In Native American and Celtic traditions, crows escort souls into the afterlife through their undeterred connection with dead worlds. In Eastern cultures, crows represent rebirth and unending creation rising powerfully from death’s dark depths.

Table: Common Meanings of Seeing Six Crows

Death and EndingsTransition of a life phase is imminent
Trickery and LiesBeware manipulation and deceit in your midst
Protection and DiscernmentCrows alert you to future danger or deception
Creation from DestructionDestroy what blocks your growth to allow renewal

Crow Myths and Legendary Folklore

Shared legends passed down across generations through storytelling offer insights into ancestral views highlighting crows’ spiritual wisdom around death and deviousness.

Native American and Celtic Crow Myths

Shape-shifting crow tales play heavily in certain Native American and Celtic fables intended to teach lessons about the perils of blind trust. Stories portray crows as cunning tricksters deceiving victims into compromising situations for their amusement without concern for destructive consequences.

In these traditions, seeing six crows signals a manipulative liar lurks nearby ready to sabotage your progress through clever convincing and misdirection. Crows unemotionally prey on other’s gullibility for sport with no care about wounding hopes.

Eastern Crow Lore

Alternatively, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindu mythology honor crows as divine agents or protectors serving the highest good. Crows blaze trails through darkness and into wisdom. Their supernatural intelligence gifts them the ability to manipulate energy and transcend dimensional bounds.

Eastern lore embraces crows as guardians ushering souls through challenging transitions and guiding spiritual seekers to epiphanies aligning human fate with destiny. Crows cleanse blocks obstructing evolution.

What To Do If You See Six Crows

  • Seek Protection From Trickery – Stay alert for deceit or manipulation targeting your innocence or naiveté. Enlist support guarding against schemes attempting to distract you from grace. Request crow medicine reveals the truth of any lies, betrayal, or ulterior motives.
  • Release Resistance to Change – Consider seeing six crows links to avoiding the necessary death of limiting patterns, relationships, or perceptions blocking your highest purpose from manifesting. Stubbornly resisting transition only prolongs the pain. Surrender instead of rebirth.
  • Shift from Fear to Flow – Crow messages often seem ominous or intense at first. Move beyond fearful knee-jerk reactions by leaning into support crows provide through nonlinear seasons of flux. Let intuition guide responses beyond surface interpretations. Trust antidotes will emerge in perfect timing.
  • Make an Offering in Gratitude – Thank crows through tangible actions like scattering food, playing their calls or dedicating prayers into the natural world honoring crows as a spiritual guide. Ask their intervention bless all who suffer.

While jarring initially, sighting six crows ultimately provides blessing through summoning courage to terminate tandems, attitudes or patterns preventing future bounty from emerging. Transition stands as crow’s gift, not curse. Lean into their promise of rebirth. Let wisdom of six sacred crows lift you into skies of unlimited possibility unencumbered by heaviness of what once was but must now transmute into something devastatingly more authentic. You need no longer linger small, scared or silenced. With crows as spirit team heralding your transformation through death’s dark night into dawn’s dazzling daylight, realize rejuvenation this minute.

In Summary

Catching sight of six crows carries substantial symbolic meaning signaling deep shift poised to propel you into greatly expanded self-actualization. By recognizing crows’ masterful role guiding human growth through transition’s mystery, we claim power to radically transform perspectives on change. Instead of denying life’s pain through resistance when crows summon transformation, we remember rebirth depends first on consciously destroying elements blocking true fulfillment. The more we retreat from passing phases’ decay by dismissing their emotional impact, the longer we trade glory for grief. Leaning wholly into crow’s beckoning to bravely end deaths that bring new life ultimately allows us to apprehend renewal waiting to uplift us into long-awaited liberation. Whenever confronted by six crows in seeming crisis, recall the gift belying the surface grief. Then boldly choose reawakening.


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