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A soccer free kick is an action that takes place when a player commits a foul. Free kick bets formed based on this action are also very popular in soccer bets. To understand more about free kicks and different types of free kick bets, please refer to the content of this article

What is a soccer penalty kick?

A soccer free kick is the act of restarting the ball by kicking the ball into the field. There are two types of free kicks: direct free kicks and indirect free kicks. Taking a free kick is for the other team when the other team has a foul player.
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When taking a free kick, the ball will be placed at the location where the player committed the foul, unless the foul occurred within the 16m50 penalty area. The ball is kicked into the field by an opposing player.

Types of soccer free kicks

There are 2 types of soccer free kicks

  • Direct free kick: This action is given to the other team when the other pair has a foul player. The ball will be placed at the location where the foul occurred, the player making the kick needs to be at least 9.15m away from the ball. If a player kicks directly, a goal will be recognized. If the ball is fouled within the 16m50 penalty area, the other team will receive a penalty kick. The player taking the free kick will be kicked only once directly into the opponent’s goal protected only by the goalkeeper.
  • Indirect free kick: Taken when one of the two teams commits a technical foul. The ball in an indirect free kick has the right to be passed freely or left at the position where the game is paused. In this type of penalty, the ball must touch any player on both teams to be recognized. The offside penalty is one of the most common direct free kick violations.

What is a soccer free kick bet?

Free kick odds are a type of bet in soccer betting that is popular with many people. With free kick betting, you do not need to care about the number of goals or losses in the match, you only need to care about the number of free kicks taken in the match.

Popular types of free kick bets

In soccer free kick betting, the following are the most popular types of free kick bets:

  • Corner kick bet: This is the most popular and well-known bet. The corner bet is an attractive secondary bet because of its extremely simple gameplay. The team that takes more corner kicks is the winner, otherwise the team that takes fewer corner kicks loses, and if the team is equal it is a draw. In the corner kick bet, the 1×2 bet is the one most people participate in.
  • Corner handicap: The house will give the handicap based on the strength of each team so that it is fair for players to choose. You can bet on 1st, 2nd or full match.
  • Even or odd corner odds: This form is very simple, you just need to bet on the even or odd number of corners in the match.
  • Over and under corner odds: With this bet you need to predict the total number of corners taken by both teams in the match. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a corresponding reward.

Experience in playing soccer free kick bets effectively

To bet on corners accurately and have a high chance of winning, you can refer to some experiences shared by the following betting experts:

  • Carefully research the two teams in the match you intend to bet on: You should learn about the strength of the two teams, their playing style, performance, recent achievements, the lineup… The goal is for you to bet. Evaluate each team’s ability to create corner kicks to choose the correct odds…
  • Learn about some other factors that affect the quality of the match such as the field, weather, referee… to help you have an overview to make a more accurate judgment.
  • Betting on free kicks after the match: As the match progresses, you will analyze the situation more quickly and accurately. You rely on the factors of time and strength of the two teams after the competition… to change the odds when possible.
  • Monitor and evaluate situations in the match: Score and time in the match greatly affect the number of corners. If time is short, the team with the score advantage will play safely and defend a lot, so the number of corner kicks will be less. On the contrary, the other team will try to attack more, creating more corner situations.
  • Choose matches to bet on: You should only choose matches that you know the most about to bet on.

Above is all the information about soccer free kicks and popular free kick bets that many people know. When participating, remember to choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid being scammed and losing money. MB66 casino is a quality, safe and reliable bookmaker, you can join the experience!


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