New88_What is Western Cockfighting and Some Popular Chicken Breeds

Gamers already know this type Western cockfighting what is it or not? If you want to try exciting and dramatic matches? You must firmly grasp the rules, how to play western cockfighting, and learn about the most popular chicken breeds? Please choose a reputable address to participate. Please refer to the following article by New88 to have an accurate view of the type of Western cockfighting in 2024.

Introduction to what type of western cockfighting is?

What is Western cockfighting?? This is not only an entertaining game but also an important part of the culture and traditions of the Southern river region. With its long history and unique features, Western cockfighting attracts a large number of participants and fans, creating a unique cultural beauty of Western Vietnam.

Cockfighting has appeared for a long time in Vietnamese history, especially popular in the Southwest region. Since ancient times, people here have organized cockfights on festivals, Lunar New Year, or important events. These matches are not only for entertainment but also have spiritual meaning, praying for luck and prosperity.

The reason why Western cockfighting attracts cockfighters to participate

Western Vietnam is not only famous for its natural river beauty but is also known as the land of excellent fighting cocks. Western cockfighting matches always attract a large number of viewers and players because of the following special factors:

Origin of quality chicken breeds

The West is the birthplace of many of the most famous and excellent fighting chicken breeds in Vietnam. Chicken breeds like Tra Vinh chickens are known for their strong fighting spirit and top-notch fighting ability, always creating dramatic and eye-catching matches.

What is the technique of raising and training Western cockfighting?

The tradition of raising and training fighting cocks in the West is passed down from generation to generation. People in the West constantly learn and combine ancient experience of raising fighting cocks, ensuring that the fighting cocks are always at the peak of performance and strength.

Dramatic and eye-catching cockfights

In the cockfighting arena, especially at Casinos, Western cockfighting is always a fierce battle between cocks. These matches not only meet the entertainment needs of viewers but also bring exciting and relaxing moments with beautiful performances and technical kicks.

What is the diversity and flexibility in Western cockfighting? 

With famous chicken breeds and flexible fighting techniques, Western cockfights always create an exciting atmosphere for viewers. The kicks and tactics were performed skillfully and professionally by the cocks, making viewers unable to take their eyes off.

Discover what are the famous chicken breeds for Western cockfighting? 

Western Vietnam is famous for its excellent fighting cock breeds, raised and trained according to traditional experience, bringing thrilling and exciting matches. To choose a good chicken for Western cockfighting, you need to clearly understand the chicken breeds famous for their strength and high fighting spirit. Here are some famous chicken breeds you should know:
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High quality chicken

Origin: Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province.

Appearance characteristics: Cao Lanh chicken is a hybrid breed between American chicken and Dong Tao chicken, has a large body (weighing 3-4 kg), small head, long and curved beak, long and hairy neck, chest wide and deep, big and long legs, sharp claws.

Coat color: Diverse, most common are white, black, yellow and blue.

Personality: Chicken is aggressive, brave and extremely wise in battle.

Fighting style: Agile, strong and fierce, often fighting with iron spurs or round spurs.

What is Western cockfighting – Cho Lach Ben Tre Chicken Breed 

Origin: Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province.

Shape characteristics: Cho Lach Ben Tre chicken is a hybrid chicken breed between American chicken and Ac chicken (Cambodian chicken), has a compact body (weighing 2-3 kg), round head, short and straight beak, short neck. and little hair, small and high chest, small and short legs, sharp claws.

Coat color: Mainly white or black.

Personality: Aggressive, brave and skillful.

Fighting style: Agile, flexible and delicate, often fighting with knife or iron spurs.

Tra Vinh Chicken

Origin: Tra Vinh Province.

Shape characteristics: What is Western cockfighting? Tra Vinh chicken breed is a hybrid chicken breed between American chicken and Ri chicken (Thai chicken), has a moderate body (weight 2-3 kg), big head, medium beak. and curved, medium and hairy neck, medium and wide chest, medium and long legs, large and hard claws.

Coat color: Diverse, most common is green or blue.

Personality: Fighting chickens are courageous, resilient and intelligent.

Fighting style: Durable, strong and precise, often fighting with iron spurs or round spurs.


Through the above article, you have understood the excitement of Western cockfighting and the famous chicken breeds in the arena. Hopefully with the information New88 shares, you will be lucky when participating in cockfighting betting and enjoy matches worth watching.


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