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Trang chủ 789BET – How to choose a reputable bookmaker is the question that many people in the betting world are most interested in today. The development of online betting, casino online is increasing rapidly, leading to the appearance of many large and small online bookies. Choosing a reputable bookmaker to play with is becoming increasingly difficult for people in the industry.

There are countless scandals online about being cheated by bookmakers. You can deposit money but can’t withdraw it. And there are other forms of fraud. Let’s join today 789BET Dig deep, learn about how to choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid losing money, getting sick, and fight with peace of mind.

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Why is Choosing a Reputable Bookmaker Important?

As we all know, there is a popular saying “money goes right to the heart”. This saying shows that no matter what era, money is still very important. As a bettor, everyone is aware that entertainment is secondary and profit is the main thing.

Besides choosing a reputable house related to your profits, it is also related to your personal security. Because when joining as a member of a betting site, you are forced to provide them with personal information as well as your bank account.

For professionals, they can easily know which bookmakers are reputable by their experiences or lessons learned from previous scams. However, if you are a new player, how do you screen and choose a reputable house? Let’s learns the criteria for choosing a reputable bookmaker to play with peace of mind.

Criteria for Choosing a Reputable Bookmaker:

Prestige, Fame

Before becoming a member of a certain bookmaker, we should go to Google to find out information about that bookmaker. First of all, see if that house is mentioned a lot in betting forums? And you should also pay attention to whether it is mentioned in a positive or negative way.

You should also consult your predecessors to see which house they are members of. If they have been playing for a long time and deposit and withdraw money regularly and easily from that house, you can follow suit. Choosing a bookmaker to play with someone who has experience like this is very safe for you. Also note that the person you follow is trustworthy, as well as a real player. Famous bookmakers today include Thien Ha bet, Kubet, 789BET…


If they are a reputable bookmaker, they will invest a lot in their interface. The goal is to make it easy for players to manipulate, not confusing. And investing in the interface is not easy and takes a lot of effort and money. A beautiful, easy-to-operate interface requires the design of experts who understand UI UX, and hiring them is not easy.

Before deciding to register as a member of a certain bookmaker, we recommend that you take the time to observe their interface. The interface must meet criteria, be beautiful, professional and scientific. Images on the interface must be clear. It would be a plus point if the interface had at least one other language, because it proves that the house has a multinational scale.

Number of Games and Betting offered by the Bookmaker

To attract more members, bookmakers often have many different betting sites and casinos. To measure the reputation of the house, you need to see the number of games and types of betting that the house offers.

If the number of games is large and there are many members, it proves that the house is highly professional and can manage a large number of members as well as organize many such games. Because managing such a large number of games requires an equivalent number of staff and managers. If it’s a bookie that doesn’t have the ability, it can’t afford it.

Customer care

If you want to do long-term business, any business must put customers first. The same goes for bookmakers, because it is simply a form of business. If the bookmaker you are choosing has good, fast customer service staff, all your questions will be resolved quickly, that proves they are a reputable bookmaker.

According to, you should prioritize choosing a bookmaker with a good customer care system. There are many bookmakers whose customer care systems work 24/7, whenever you need them they are willing to answer all your questions. When playing games, depositing money, withdrawing money… and all your questions are resolved, you will be more confident when playing. Remember that when you go into battle with a comfortable mood, your chances of winning will always be high.
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Registration Process

Any bookmaker has their own registration process. The clearer and clearer the registration process is, the more reputable the house proves to be. Besides, the simpler, more flexible and easier the deposit and withdrawal process is for players, it proves that they do not intend to deceive you.

Often reputable bookmakers will ask you to provide them with personal information when registering, including identification documents. Don’t be afraid of this issue, their purpose is to make sure you are a real player, as well as paying you accurately and without mistakes.


Gambling and betting are not yet recognized as legal in Vietnam, so bookmakers will mainly register and operate in countries that accept betting as legal, most commonly the Philippines, Cambodia… They will be legally registered in these countries, pay full taxes and be subject to all legal sanctions if they commit fraud or fraud.

Never believe when a bookmaker says they do not have a business license because betting is not legal in Vietnam. This is just a cover up to cover up the lack of legalization and negligence in their business.

Reputable bookmakers with transparent business licenses today include: 789BET, bet, 789BET … These are bookmakers that have been operating for quite a long time, over 10 years, and are all registered with a license.

Payout Rate

Nowadays, to attract members, many bookmakers offer payouts that are slightly higher than the average. This is often applied to new bookmakers with few members and they need to increase the payout ratio to attract members to register.

However, if their payout ratio is too high compared to the average, we should ask the question of how they can make a profit. Any business needs profits to maintain. So when the payout rate is unreasonably high, you need to ask why, maybe it’s just a trap.

There are many cases where players, eager for high payout rates, register as members and then their money is gone and never comes back. Win a lot but can’t withdraw.


Above are ways to choose a reputable bookmaker suggests to you guys. Always be a wise player, choose a reputable house to stick with. When playing with a reputable house, we also feel more comfortable and our winning rate will also be higher. Wish you all the best of luck.


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